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Introduction to FORTRAN

This 6 week course was offered primarily to first year atmospheric science students. The goal of the course was to give them a quick introduction to programming using FORTRAN, and the students had previously completed a 6 week programming course using MATLAB. The course emphasizes FORTRAN77, but may topics, for example, the discussion about how FORTRAN handles arrays, should be useful for folks using more "modern" variants of FORTRAN.

The materials for this class can be found here. When you unzip this file, you'll get a series of directories labeled by weeks. In each directory, you'll find PPT and PDF versions of the lectures and often an example problem or two. There is also a lab assignment for each week as well as example assignments from the course (including the keys). I've done my best to remove any info the identifies students from the class. If you find anything like this, please let me know.

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