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SeascapeModeling executes its mission through three branches, described below. Our full Project Pages contain more detailed information and ongoing commentary on specific projects in blog format.

Seascape - This group tackles the theoretical and computational work. We are trying to answer questions about biodiversity, size structure in ocean ecosystems, and applications of computer science in ecology.

Seascape Ops. - This is the field team for SeascapeModeling. We have a variety of projects on the water, ranging from sea surface photogrammetry for oil spill mitigation to hydroacoustic monitoring around wind turbine sites. Some of our cruises are documented in our blog.

Gulf of Maine CAFE - Climate-based Assessment and Forecasting for Ecosystems. This group is focused on questions about how the Gulf of Maine (and other nearby regions) has responded and will respond to changes in climate, both physically and ecologically. We also work on systems for forecasting ecosystems at different spatial and temporal scales. We convene daily over coffee.